Month: March 2011

You DO learn with the telly!

Almost got touched yesterday watching the first 5 minutes of the sitcom ‘Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps’; let’s say, memories. Here’s my advise, whenever you arrive to a new country start watching their own TV programs,

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Empezando con R-cran

El año pasado asistí a un curso introductorio de R-cran, aunque nunca llegué a utilizarlo porque otros paquetes estadísticos con interfaz gráfica cubrían adecuadamente mis necesidades. Sin embargo, este año tuve otra sesión de R, aunque en esta ocasión de

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I was going to write something about terrorism when last Moscow attack happened. However, I was having technical problems with this blog and I missed it. Anyway, today I was reminded in 2004, a day as of today, March 11th,