5 Weeks Abroad Now

Did I mention that I arrived October 1st 2012? This week is my 5th ‘weekniversary’; it’s not I’m proud of, but thinks are going smoothly. Last week the Artic wind came to UK to bring temperatures further down… and I survived! I was totally worried that I would had to buy a ‘onesie‘ (hey man, that’s [un]cool). Hopefully, it wasn’t that bad and I’m getting used to… besides weather has improved. Oh my God! I’m starting to feel like a Briton, always moaning about bad weather and willing to get a place in the sun.

During this week I have been remembering my previous six years as an expat, specially my Midlands days. I can’t stop comparing life in London and live in the Midlands; now I can understand why all the Britons I knew those days always said London wasn’t UK… and londoners tell me Midlands is not South East (wow, I know a little bit of UK’s geography!). Talking seriously, that’s true: London is quite different to every bit of UK I have visited or stayed before. Anyway, I guess I could say the same of the other two countries I lived before: Brazil and Spain; so I don’t even understand why I’m including these comments in the diaries. 🙁

Well, see you next week. In the meantime, I will finish my Latte and chocolate muffin while I wait for the rain to lighter a bit… You see? Always moaning about the weather!