Almost there [II]

So, that’s right, this is course 1998/99; I am studying last year of my degree and I’ve been offered the possibility to work part-time (15h/week) as a research assistant at the Applied Economics Department (Universitat de València). I got the grant and I’m getting introduced to the Cultural Economics body of knowledge. After this course is when I made the wrong decision not to go ahead with the pre-doctoral position application in England. This is the path that took me to visit Vienna in year 2000, too.

The next course (1999/00) I decided to enrol in the Economics Department doctoral programme at the same University; I wanted to be a researcher (it was the scientific bug!). That year I studied and passed the first half of the programme (subjects). Afterwards, I looked for a summer job and I found one at a bank; however, my father told me not to take it (shame on me, but that’s the kind of education I had, with too much respect for parental guidance… and line of command). Sometimes I still think I should’ve left home and stablishing one myself, taking that job, hiring a car for being able to take that job and looking for a pre-doc grant… Broken dreams (lack of stamina, maybe)!. I took a job at a factory, as an operative.

I guess I learnt the lesson, and I was ready for taking my next chance for success. Hopefully, it was almost there…