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Brazil likes Caipirinha

On marzo 6, 2011, Posted by , In culture, By , , With No Comments

“Hotter vs Cooler” & “Sweeter vs Bitter”: the algorithm for contradictory situations. These are the thoughts I always remind while drinking a Caipirinha, the Brazilian national drink. I read it reflects the country extremes. On one hand you have the coolness of the ice against the heat of the spirit…

That Catchphrase

On diciembre 19, 2010, Posted by , In culture, With No Comments

While abroad you realise you are disconnected from your former roots when coming back to your birth country for a holiday (i.e. Christmas) and then it happens: everyone is repeating that stupid catchphrase!. The funny thing is when people realises you are not in, you don’t know what the heck…

Good Food Abroad

On septiembre 29, 2010, Posted by , In culture, By ,,, , With No Comments

Something I have never had a problem with while I’ve been abroad is food. And no, you’re wrong, I’m not (or at least I wasn’t) someone that used to eat a lot, or was obsessed with meals. In fact, I still remember those days as a research assistant (back to…