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I see expats! (week 6)

On noviembre 10, 2012, Posted by , In housing,Sin categoría, By , With 1 Comment

I assume this has to be like when you are left handed and you notice someone is left handed before any right handed person would. However, it is not difficult to find expats in London, as this is Metropolis and a goal for a varied source of workers and professionals….

Week 4: I can’t help it, I’m an economist

On octubre 27, 2012, Posted by , In housing,tips,travel, By , , With No Comments

All my life I’ve been an economist (since I graduated in 1999) I’ve been living my day-to-day in a constat apply-economics-science-to-life rule. I can’t help it I’m an economist; further, it’s even worse if you take into account I used to serve as a business manager and that part of…