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Closing Week 8

On noviembre 25, 2012, Posted by , In Sin categoría,tips,travel, By , , With No Comments

I can’t believe this is my eighth week in London, taking aside my long weekend from last week and the meeting I had in Spain. I returned Wednesday evening, late night; it was a big mess, finding my suitcase appeared on the carrousel with just one wheel. Can you imagine…

This week has been special

On noviembre 22, 2012, Posted by , In Sin categoría, By , , With No Comments

As I had a meeting to attend in Spain and there was a break in the lessons at College I spent a longer weekend with my family in Spain. I couldn’t say what was about from Monday to Friday, since on my mind only Friday evening to Monday next week…

I see expats! (week 6)

On noviembre 10, 2012, Posted by , In housing,Sin categoría, By , With 1 Comment

I assume this has to be like when you are left handed and you notice someone is left handed before any right handed person would. However, it is not difficult to find expats in London, as this is Metropolis and a goal for a varied source of workers and professionals….