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5 Weeks Abroad Now

On noviembre 4, 2012, Posted by , In culture,Sin categoría, By , , With No Comments

Did I mention that I arrived October 1st 2012? This week is my 5th ‘weekniversary’; it’s not I’m proud of, but thinks are going smoothly. Last week the Artic wind came to UK to bring temperatures further down… and I survived! I was totally worried that I would had to…

Lessons Learned in Week 3

On octubre 21, 2012, Posted by , In Sin categoría,tips, By , , With No Comments

After my two weeks in London I am starting to get the feeling of the city. It is not I would say I am Londoner, that would be fairly impossible; what I say is living in here is becoming the rule rather than the exception. Hopefully, I have started to…

Second Week in London

On octubre 13, 2012, Posted by , In Sin categoría, By ,,, , With No Comments

This week I have given my first two lessons at College. It’s been very challenging to give those two lectures even though I had already lectured in English; maybe it was the excitement! I really enjoyed them, being able to explain how to do economics consulting and how to apply…