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First Week since I was Back

Yes, I consider I’m back. UK is the place I should have never left. However, it’s now more than a decade since I entered the country for the first time, and almost seven since I left it to move to Brazil. I’ll be brief because I only wanted to make…

Thanks a lot!

On octubre 4, 2012, Posted by , In Sin categoría, By , , With 1 Comment

I would like to thank you the Spanish Government for having subsidised my Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree. I am extremely grateful to my previous Spanish employers for having given me the great opportunity they gave me allowing me to put in practice what I learned at University, for being able to…

Catching-up. Really?

On septiembre 3, 2012, Posted by , In Sin categoría, By ,,, , With No Comments

The Spanish Government is making it really well… in order to approach the cost of living in Spain to that one of UK. Higher VAT rates and special taxes (including petrol), that increase utilities and shipping costs all along the retail supply chain (i.e. food). Well done: that’s what economists…