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It’s London again

On abril 15, 2012, Posted by , In Sin categoría,travel, By , , With No Comments

This week I’ve been to London again. I like that city, its smell, the dynamics of its people and moving parts (i.e. vehicles), London itself, as it is. This week I came back to London. I wanted to see if London remembered me… sure it did, sure I do. It’s…

OMG! Is that English language?

On octubre 14, 2011, Posted by , In Sin categoría, With No Comments

Recently arrived to England I was very confident with my English; hey, man! I had been reading in English for the last five years, and my company had paid for lessons five days a week for the whole year. Oh mine! The problem was me and them spoke different English…

Freezing England here I Come

On mayo 11, 2011, Posted by , In Sin categoría, By , , With No Comments

Although I remember the date as if it was today I don’t remember the trip. It was November 26th 2001 and I was arriving to Manchester airport from Spain (don’t remember the route either). Two pieces of luggage and my laptop. Why the heck I forgot my jacket inside my…