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On marzo 11, 2011, Posted by , In Sin categoría, With No Comments

I was going to write something about terrorism when last Moscow attack happened. However, I was having technical problems with this blog and I missed it. Anyway, today I was reminded in 2004, a day as of today, March 11th, a terrorist act was perpetrated in Madrid (Spain), causing many…

Living in a Hotel

On diciembre 27, 2010, Posted by , In Sin categoría, By , With No Comments

So it was my time!. September 2001 is when I started my expat career. At the beginning it was only a brief assignment to Switzerland, to a little town near Zurich. I stayed there 3 weeks, plus almost another month back in october. During those nearly two months I felt…

Almost there [III]

On diciembre 11, 2010, Posted by , In Sin categoría, By , , With No Comments

Totally tired of the mocking I had that summer being a doctoral student working as a factory operative I finished my four month contract and went to the University I was studying my doctorate. As a matter of chance, I was offered a temporary position to lecture economics to law…