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First Week since I was Back

Yes, I consider I’m back. UK is the place I should have never left. However, it’s now more than a decade since I entered the country for the first time, and almost seven since I left it to move to Brazil. I’ll be brief because I only wanted to make…

Cost of Living

On mayo 7, 2011, Posted by , In culture,tips, By , With 1 Comment

One of the main concern when someone is looking for relocation or is going to be expatriated is how is going to be the change in monetary terms. Human beings are known to be able to differentiate differences rather than absolute values, so it is normal when you ask for…

You DO learn with the telly!

On marzo 24, 2011, Posted by , In culture,tips, By , With No Comments

Almost got touched yesterday watching the first 5 minutes of the sitcom ‘Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps’; let’s say, memories. Here’s my advise, whenever you arrive to a new country start watching their own TV programs, sitcoms, news… since you not only need to re-learn their…