Closing Week 8

I can’t believe this is my eighth week in London, taking aside my long weekend from last week and the meeting I had in Spain. I returned Wednesday evening, late night; it was a big mess, finding my suitcase appeared on the carrousel with just one wheel. Can you imagine how difficult is to move around 20-something kilos through an airport trying to find the hotel? Sure I could have used a trolley! If I had spare money: no coins, no trolley.

So, you know: next time you travel please get your spare change ready to use 🙂

Thursday was even worse. I had to move the suitcase up to Waterloo Station from Gatwick Airport. I had left my other suitcase in hold luggage…

At the end, no so bad. However, I am thinking of getting myself a private jet and a roadie to get my things around London. Just kidding.-