Freezing England here I Come

Although I remember the date as if it was today I don’t remember the trip. It was November 26th 2001 and I was arriving to Manchester airport from Spain (don’t remember the route either).

Two pieces of luggage and my laptop. Why the heck I forgot my jacket inside my baggage? It was freezing!!!, and this by-the-time-a-country-boy-like was wearing a short sleeve shirt. Shame on me!, but you learn from your errors. However, this was the second one, since time ago when I travelled to Vienna something similar happened to me. Double shame on me!!! (never again, though).

Northern regions have fewer sunlight hours during Winter. I realised this when my colleague was driving the car at 5pm from the airport to a lost village in the middle of Staffordshire and clouds and darkness reigned. Welcome to England, Mr Marco-Serrano!