First Week since I was Back

Yes, I consider I’m back. UK is the place I should have never left. However, it’s now more than a decade since I entered the country for the first time, and almost seven since I left it to move to Brazil.

I’ll be brief because I only wanted to make a note about my first week in London. I arrived last Monday.

  • The projects in Spain are moving forward, and I’m happy to know the teams I work with are fine with me working on the virtual space. Thanks God we have a nice Internet connection.
  • I’ve been very lucky with my host, which I found through
  • Bank account sorted the first day, thanks to HSBC Passport account.
  • Already got used to the weather. It isn’t that bad as the Spaniards say about it.
  • I’m happy to be able to eat good pies, sausage rolls and such and such again. Seriously! Although I’m taking care of my Mediterranean diet.
  • I’m fit again. First days going up and down through the metropolitan transport system has almost killed me. It seems I was too sedentary.
  • And the best part of the week: I found a part-time job as sessional lecturer in Economics!!!

Not bad for the first week! 😉