Good Food Abroad

Something I have never had a problem with while I’ve been abroad is food. And no, you’re wrong, I’m not (or at least I wasn’t) someone that used to eat a lot, or was obsessed with meals. In fact, I still remember those days as a research assistant (back to 1998/99) when I received my grant from the Ministry of Education for introducing varsity students into academic research; sometimes I was so into my tasks that I forgot to come to the canteen for lunch and I had to eat left-overs (sandwich of ‘whatever’) and a Coke (for the sugar and caffeine!!!).

Adapting the old saying ‘in Rome do as Romans do’, in Rome eat what Romans eat. And that’s what I did: from BLT and Sunday Roast (gravy included), to chicken tikka masala (actually, the most consumed dish in England), ‘picanha‘, ‘feijao‘ and even ‘coraƧao de frango‘ (those last ones traditional brazilian dishes). Whenever I had to visit third countries, never said no to a good meal (France, USA, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Greece, Italy): culture includes gastronomy!.