I see expats! (week 6)

I assume this has to be like when you are left handed and you notice someone is left handed before any right handed person would. However, it is not difficult to find expats in London, as this is Metropolis and a goal for a varied source of workers and professionals.

Along these six weeks I have been moving around different areas of London, staying in several B&B’s and houses I have sourced through AirBnB.com (by the way: great service!). At the moment I have managed to live in East London, North-East, and South-East regions, in four different neighborhoods. But this is not the aim of this post, today. What I wanted to tell you is how you will find a lot of people in the same situation as you are (you’re not so unique as you thought).

For instance, in the first house I stayed I met a young computer programmer _Londoner, that after staying for a year in the USA decided to come back to London; in another house I met a couple of italians (graduates I guess) that were looking for a job in UK. I have already found people from Poland, Greece, Czech Republic… The last story I have gathered is about two Irish young professionals that after one of them was unable to find a job in the Republic of Ireland after graduating, the other one decided to resign to a job and move forward all together (this one had already lived in Japan); first step was to move to Australia, but having had second thoughts, after a month or so they decided to try with nearly London.

Strangely, I haven’t met any Spaniard… Yep! I found one: he’s lecturing at the College I’m lecturing part-time. After having obtained his PhD in UK he decided it wasn’t the time to come back. At the end of the day, it seems that London is the way!