Living in a Hotel

So it was my time!. September 2001 is when I started my expat career. At the beginning it was only a brief assignment to Switzerland, to a little town near Zurich. I stayed there 3 weeks, plus almost another month back in october.

During those nearly two months I felt like living in a hotel; in fact, I was. During those 50 something days what I did was to wake up, work, eat, go to sleep… almost not going out of the hotel. Nothing to say my room was a few meters from the office, same floor. No matter why I gained 5 kgs!.

Sounds boring, doesn’t it?. Actually, It wasn’t, since I learned that much, I got to knew many interesting people (on the phone), I developed some good skills I hadn’t got the possibility to train before, and I got the taste of being someone living far from the home country.