Lost generation? I don’t think so!

This is going to be really short. Consider it a brief rant…

A lot of people and ‘experts’ are talking about the Spanish lost generation. Due to the economic crisis hoards of young Spaniards have had to leave their home country for pursuing better prospects in other countries (Germany, United Kingdom, Brazil, Singapur, Australia…). This fact applies to other Southern Europe countries, as Italy, Portugal and Greece (trust me, I’m meeting a lot of people from these tetrad, although from other ‘usual suspect’ countries too).

However, I totally believe this is not a weakness but an opportunity (OMG! I’ve just talked like a snake-oil seller). The problem is that the opportunity is for the people that are leaving the country, since they will become one of the most global-minded generation in ages (consider Spain), whether for Spain this is a real lost of equity: tax-payers have been investing in them, and now they are getting no ROI at all. And I’m telling you why: because oppositely as the generations that left Spain during the second half of the 20th century, this one will never come back… or just for holidays and retirement :'(

So, maybe-against-your-will-expats, you are not the lost generation, you are the first [Spanish] generation that breaks years of isolation. Now, you explain me in the comments what do you understand by ‘isolation’… maybe, your experience.