Meet the World

I consider visiting for one day the ancient Principality of Andorra when I was 14 doesn’t count as having travelled internationally. It was in year 2.000 when I actually was introduced to the World… face to face.

It was year 1.999 when my research mentor proposed me to come to Austria to a Cultural Economics Workshop to be held in Vienna. Even as the redneck-like I was I agreed. This would be my first trip outside the Iberian Peninsula.

So, here we go, January 2.000 from Valencia to Vienna, with a scale in Basel. The plane was one of those small helix planes (during all these travelling years never got interested in the type or brand of plane I was flying with; however, I don’t usually get interested with cars either). When we got to Vienna I had my baptism, my luggage wasn’t there! (since then, I always keep a hand-luggage with a one-day-kit-all-you-need).

Vienna is astonishing, with fantastic buildings, tasty food (not to mention the savoury sweet pastries), and straight citizenship. I’m glad it was how I met the World.

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