Old grumpy man

Sorry, but sometimes I feel I’m as an old grumpy man. I can’t help it, I have reached an age when I sense I can start giving advice to everyone even when I shouldn’t (yes! I even admit I should be smarter shut up!!!). Shut the fuck up, Francisco 😛

Almost becoming 36 maybe I’m considering to be a good lighthouse for those in their twenties; at the end of the day, I’m still carrying the extra experience they don’t have, while being young enough to be nearly like-minded (if this is actually possible).

Gosh! I feel weird but still happy giving recommendations to the younger generation. Where I’m coming from I not X-gen nor Y-gen: I’m stucked in the middle!!! So, following my reasoning, I’m so close to both Y-gen and Millenials (yeah, they might be the same ones) that I consider my duty it’s not being so much as a father to them but an older brother… hein! not an old grumpy man…

Ps Yes, I’ve been giving a lot of advice in the later months; however I don’t even know if I was been listened to. Anyway, us the older *g* men don’t mind; we’ll just carry on with our crusade.