OMG! Is that English language?

Recently arrived to England I was very confident with my English; hey, man! I had been reading in English for the last five years, and my company had paid for lessons five days a week for the whole year. Oh mine! The problem was me and them spoke different English language… My reality bite with English people was they style for talking with rather different which I was used; I imagine this is the main problem every foreigner has when arriving to the country. They talk very quickly, using slang, to a pace you’re not used to: that’s what English language is like. The real English language, I mean!

It took me about two months to get used to ‘real English’; you need to use it, suffer it, enjoy it, need it, in order to apprehend it. Nowadays I have no problem at all, I have been lucky and I have met many different people across UK and the Common Wealth,  and I enjoy using English as much as I can. However, sometimes I find myself with the same problem Britons themselves have, slang usage. However, as a ‘The Economist’ article stated, in the future we will only need technology to understand each other: no lingua franca will be needed. In the meantime, I’ll carry on improving my English 😉

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