Second Week in London

This week I have given my first two lessons at College. It’s been very challenging to give those two lectures even though I had already lectured in English; maybe it was the excitement! I really enjoyed them, being able to explain how to do economics consulting and how to apply microeconomics, maths and statistics to real life events. As I use to say: I can’t help it, I’m an economist… in love with Economics.

My Spanish projects are working well, and ‘Impactrimonio‘ is going to be finished on time for the end of this month. However, another project will have a little delay  with the next follow-up meeting, but that’s something one has to deal with when working with a multi-organisation group of people.

Finally, I have given a step I always wanted to give but never did; there are many reasons I can think of, but possibly none is a good excuse. Being knowledgable of the Get Mentoring project I enrolled in their enterprise mentoring course and contacted UCL SMILE service to serve as a business mentor. Should I say I’m very keen to start? (‘keen’ minimises the strong good feelings I have to start already; ‘overexcited’ would be the right term).

So, not a bad second week!