Good Food Abroad

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Something I have never had a problem with while I’ve been abroad is food. And no, you’re wrong, I’m not (or at least I wasn’t) someone that used to eat a lot, or was obsessed with meals. In fact, I still remember those days as a research assistant (back to…

Meet the World

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I consider visiting for one day the ancient Principality of Andorra when I was 14 doesn’t count as having travelled internationally. It was in year 2.000 when I actually was introduced to the World… face to face. It was year 1.999 when my research mentor proposed me to come to…

What could have been

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When I start thinking about my experience abroad I always recall I wasted my first chance to be an expat. If I have had the guts I could have been an expat almost two years before I left Spain. It was 1999 and I had just finished my economics degree….