Year 10 A.D.

I’m not into trends, however, I think this is not part of one but a need for human beings to remember how the image everyone has of humanity is. Today is the 10th anniversary of what shouldn’t have happened. Today we shouldn’t being commemorating that 10 years ago the World’s dynamics were to change, that many people were to pass away. Today we should be like any other day, or celebrating improvements, not the worsement of any people’s life.

Year ‘nout’ I was really scared. It was my second day abroad and I was going to spend some years out of (let’s call it) home. At the end, it was more than six years before I decided to come back to Spain. In the middle, not only New York was damaged, but Madrid (March 11th, 2004), and then London (July 7th, 2005), the three ones kept in people’s minds. Although other should have been avoided, too.

‘Damage’… a word that feels so tiny with regards to the price the World has paid!