Caipirinha’s Algorithm

"Hotter vs Cooler" & "Sweeter vs Bitter": the algorithm for contradictory situations.

1. Slice half a lime in 2 or 4 pieces.

2. Put one tablespoon of sugar in a glass.

3. Add the sliced lime and squeeze with a pestle.

4. Add crushed ice to the rim.

5. Add cachaça and stir it.

5.1. Use vodka instead and you’ll have a Caipiroska.

5.2. Use white rum instead and you’ll have a Caipirisima.

6. Drink with moderation.

7. Repeat the process if still thirsty.

PS Caipirinha is Brazilian national drink and as I read recently reflects the extremes. On one hand you have the coolness of the ice against the heat of the spirit (cachaça); on the other one, the sweetness of the sugar versus the bitterness of the lime.

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