Not funny!?

A physicist, and engineer and a economist are all trapped on an island with a box of canned food that they cannot get open. The physicist says, “If I build a fire and then we heat up the cans eventually the cans will blow up from expanding gasses and then we will be able to eat the food.” The engineer then suggests, ” If I can make a three to one pulley system perhaps we can rig up a machine to open up the cans.” The economist then chimes in saying, ” You guys are making this far too hard let’s just assume we have a can opener.”

Besides the downgrade economists receive in this joke (always living in an imaginary world?: not really!), we can perceive the differences between all three on the methodologies involved in their state of mind. Mathematicians, as well as physicists, make further use of the theory; engineers are more practical, they make use of the theory to accomplish the practice; economists mix this and that due to complications of Social Sciences.
So, who’s the best?. None and all: everyone of us OR colleagues should be a little bit of everyone deppending on the job…

Further questions I’ll answer. The debate is open!