The Journey from Ethics to Politics.

Don’t remember now what I was looking for that I stopped by the side of this article:


Brans & Gallo (2007). "Ethics in OR/MS: past, present and future". Annals of Operations Research, 153, pp.165-178.


It addresses the tricky issue of ethics within the practice of OR and how it has evolved through the times, involving relationships between the OR-er, the clients, society, and the models (!!!). This made me think about politics; as an economist (as well as an OR-er; is this genetically possible?) I always think about the impact of any individually made decision on the whole economy (where’s politics then?), and how politics will affect the decision, the decision-maker, and the effects (from the one to the all). Then I remembered my last read book ("Tonterias Economicas", from Carlos Rodriguez Braun), and it made me think about the political spectrum. Please let me jot down a table barely adjusted from that one appearing in the Wikipedia, which will broke my motto "don’t talk about politics, you’ll always be wrong!".

Left to Right
More Freedom Anarchism Liberalism Libertarianism
  Social Democracy Social Liberalism Conservative Liberalism
    Christian Democracy Conservatism
Less Freedom Communism Authoritarism Fascism


PS If you were looking for an explanation about a mystical experience revealing the relationship between ethics and politics…, I’m very sorry.