Location, Location, Location

No mates, this is not another post on sub-prime mortgages or how the hunger for housing investment has taken the building sector into trouble. It’s just a way of introducing my new role in life and professional career; recently I moved from Brazil back to old Spain, moved from my old job and company to other milestone in my roadmap. It’s a way of introducing a very simple technique I recently used, as well. Let’s see.

I’m in the process of locating a geographical site (don’t need to get more details) and although all of us were very sure where we needed it I decided to double check by means of a facility location program (specifically, the Fermat-Weber Problem), and using Google Earth for establishing the coordinates. Bull’s Eye!. Just where we thought!.


PD. It’s like a high school application, however I’m very excited since is my first real-world professional application of OR. Let’s go ahead!!!.