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On December 4, 2007, Posted by , In business,economics,me,preferences, With 1 Comment

Once, during a seminar in Brazil I was questioned about ethics just because I said I didn’t want to (of course, anyone like myself would consider that a provocation for reaction…). Then, I said, I’m not a philosopher, but I won’t talk about it just because ethics and values are subjective so then not discussable.


Nowadays, trying to summarise my values and having read something about corporate responsibility I can say I’d have so a better anwser, based on ethinomics could be. I won’t discuss about my ethical views because they are probably so business-orientedly-distorted that everyone would consider them irrational. And I say: NO!, THEY AIN’T IT!. Why?: because of my value system, my moral code, and my view of making business. However, don’t get me wrong, I’m no angel (but no devil…).


  • Please, be aware sometimes ethinomics will be missunderstood with pridenomics (i.e. not accepting grants when you conceive others could benefit from them better, rejecting deals that would harm your honour, etc.).