I already live 500 years ahead;…

…I already live in an Idiocracy. I don’t watch too much TV, regretfully not even my beloved ‘IT Crowd‘, ‘Discovery Channel’, ‘History Channel’, CNN (Spanish version), other news, and some stand-ups (‘monólogos’ in Spanish), so I had to find out about "Idiocracy" (the movie) thanks to ‘Soy Geek‘. It seems I don’t have to regret that much have had no such notice of the movie, since the box office was such low they took it out inmediately from the screens (that is, not much advertising on this masterpiece); this is what I call a ‘death by success’: yes, it was a success, they anticipated the future in such a way we should be categorise the movie as a ‘reality show’ rather than ‘sci-fi’ (that’s why everyone hated the movie!!!).



From OR perspective what really liked was to see the Gaussian Curve to show the military listening to the doctor that was preparing the experiment the guy he’d choosen to be frozen was ‘AVERAGE‘. He damned really was (that point where average equals median equals mode)… until he awakes… the distribution has changed… and he’s now in the upper tail!!!, ‘King of the World’!!!.

Morale: No matter how you’re, you’ll always be who you’re in comparison to others.


Hey!, No one told us Statistics was a good subject for ‘morales’!. I personally don’t like this morale.