OR & (The) Crisis Management

We at K|P|K have recently opened a new blog ‘about productivity an so on‘ (that’s how we called it; is in Spanish, though). In this blog, less attached to Operations Research than this one which I consider ‘my private spot’, we focus on HR (primarily), technology, estrategy, finances, and marketing; however, almost indirectly we do keep an OR speech.


As the corporate professionals we are (I’m a Chartered Economist and my partner a Chartered Psychologist) we’ve been quite concerned about the current economy situation and, as everyone and his/her dog, we’ve been dedicating some posts to talk about the crisis and how to ammend/reduce/take advantage of  the effects of it. It is great today my hands have reached an old article from McKinsey about ‘Learning to Love Recessions’ (I’ll read it avidly).

Anyway, that’s not what I was after when starting this post but refering to ‘5 Benefits of Operations Research During Economic Fallout’, from Suri’s OR/MS blog. Very briefly, why a company should refer to OR?: look for [1] expertise, [2] neutral view, [3] optimum, [4] waste, [5] profit.


Hey!, I can’t help it! I’m an OR-er!