Dishwashers as the New Tetris


You’ll have probably engaged in this conversation before, but here you have the answer: dishwashing is more efficient than handwashing.

However, that’s no "the conversation". This morning I was listening to the radio (a morning show) when it was brought up the subject about who loads more efficiently the diswasher: men or women. I’m not going to enter the debate, since I haven’t proved it scientifically (good excuse!); besides, all know men do.

No, seriously, thanks to a Numb3rs episode (sorry, I lost track, I’m not even watching it anymore since I haven’t time, although I’d like to), this morning the answer to that trouble should’ve been let’s knapsack it. We’ll need to make some assumptions (i.e. all our ware is a box of different sizes) but we’ll get there, to the optimal solution, and with that the gaps that will allow us to measure the performance of both men and women.