Meet the Decision-Makers (by The Economist)

I know, I usually refer to The Economist as one of my references…, but that’s the problem behind when you follow such an awesome publication.

As if wasn’t enough, you should be following The Economist Intelligence Unit, and The Economist Conferences. (AN: no money or gift has been received to say this; however, hey, we’re on this for the money!, so if anybody would be better off receiving a warm glow, I wouldn’t mind  ).

Now seriously, this November the Economist will be summoning several decision-makers with differences in their DM style and techniques, altoguether with senior executives in order to assess for RISK.

The Risk Summit (November 19th 2009) will hold conferences from ‘risk-evaluators’ with nicknames so peculiar and suggestive as ‘The Scenario Planner’, ‘The Moderator’, ‘The Extreme Risk Manager’, ‘The Tangential Thinker’, ‘The War Gamer’, or ‘The Oracle’.


Thumbs up!