The More I Evolve…


…in my professional, academic, and personal life, the more I think Operations Research can manage to sort out our operational, tactical, and strategic problems (call me cocky: ALL!).


Why don’t we see more intensive use of these tools and applications?:


1 – Lack of evangelism?; INFORMS is doing a good job though (by the way, kudos for the new website).

2 – Criticism to OR as something for geeks or lacking humanity?; recently I had to defend OR as being consistent both in a scientific and practical ways, having many many many successful applications).

3 – Fear to a technocracy?; be more fearful of an uncontrolled (company) democracy.

4 – Seen as expensive?; take a look to opportunity costs, total cost of ownership and, most important, the R.O.R. (Return on OR).


Anything I missed?.