2010, not 2012 [insert scary face here]


This year we’re leaving (or, rephrasing, that is leaving us) is more than a dying year, is the end of a decade. Actually, I’d say is not dying but ‘leaving to a better life’. Last century we had to wait until 1929 to fall to our knees; hell awaits!, we managed to start it in 2007 during the 21st century. Even worse, while the rest of the World is awaking, we here at Spain are still walking through the desert, and 2010 will still be low income, high unemployment, high public debt, companies going bankrupt, and the lot. Probably 2012 will not be  the Mayan apocalypsis but the New Age’s inflection point.

As per my life, this decade has been awesome: I took my MA Economics, got married, went to work to UK and Brazil, returned to Spain, started my own practice, and re-started lecturing at University. OR anywhere?: Of Course!; that decade is when I joined INFORMS, not to mention all the statistics and applied maths courses I had to take, but all the soft-OR I played with during my role as an executive while abroad, all the scheduling skills for co-organising the wedding (PS I’d like to thank my old mobile phone for its unquestionable support  ), and the applied knowledge to my activities at K|P|K’s assignments (my practice), mixing statistics, business administration and HR skills, and web-apps. I’m not very happy with the intensity, though; that’s why I’m planning to enforce an OR-must policy in my activities for next year. This means I’ll be looking for assignments that allow me to in one way or another, enjoy myself [while making money]; besides, I’m already planning for 3 different projects, already started, that make use of OR:

[1] Consultant at Mentoring Success Group Consultants Network; Tom Tubergen has developed a tool to analyse and help companies improve their strategic success factors. BPAE(c) ‘s methodology is based on an artificial intelligence development.

[2] DopplERP; this is an internal project. It’s based on opensource managerial applications, being the added value the linkages and BPM ‘behind the scenes’. The aim is to offer a managerial tool to help improve operational and tactical decisions within a company.

[3] spheRate; our last internal project. It’s aim is to help individuals to improve in their personal and professional life. We like to call it, a self-coaching tool.


Happy 2K+10!!!


PS By the way, did you know this blog has been included in the ‘Operations Research’ section at Alltop? (I’ve just found out today!, that’s great).