THIS is CSR: A New Leadership.


We need to recall Peter Drucker's statement (‘free enterprise cannot be justified as being good for business. It can be justified only as being good for society‘) in order to stablish the need for a new breed of leaders that are aware the paradigm has changed.

Recent history has proved neo-capitalism is not sustainable in the long-term, while there are great expectations for an eco-friendly, people-centered, social-focused capitalism; reach this target and the hope is enterprise targets will be acomplished as well. Therefore, this version 3.0 leadership army of managers and executives will have a double concurrent task, building a solid business case that convinces the Board and the stakeholders, while delivering a sustainable growth that matches both stakeholders and society targets. Is this a breach in the trust a senior manager has gained from their employers?: I would say no, because s/he is both a 'trustee' of his/her employers, and the society that embraces him/her and the company.


Or not?.