Trying a new plugin

Although a lot of experts advise you not to overload your posts with keywords and just try to create great contents, I have had the temptation of using a new plugin that supposedly helps you to improve the SEO of your blog (see the banner below).

For instance, now this plugin is recommending me to mention computer science because it knows I write things related to operational research. It is also telling me I should give information on case studies (if this was about a Fortune 500 company, much better). This is silly, since the list of keyword amounts to a total of forty-eight, including ‘management science’, ‘decision making’, ‘scientific method’, and ‘industrial engineering’. Funny to say it is taking me to consider talking about ‘post graduate’ education even dearing to suggest a list of educational centers to be mentioned. Is this plugin, or social plugin something you should be using? I don’t know if this should be deemed as good practice, I feel like I’m cheating on my OR-readers, or tricking the algorithm that will lead people to this post or blog from Google’s organic search. I don’t think it’s right, but I needed to test it and se how it worked.

Hey! Wait a moment… now it’s telling me my document needs Focus Terms (‘There are no terms which have been emphasized in your document yet‘). WFT! Are you expecting me to repeat five times ‘Operational Resarch’? I’ll do it, but in real life, with friends and colleages… not in here, as a SEO trick 🙁