Why should I enter a saturated market?

I don’t know if you are aware after some years abroad (UK and Brazil) I came back to Spain to stablish myself as an independent Economist. For almost five years now I have been through many fruitful and joyful experiences, not to mention I have had some angry and bitter ones too. However, as an entrepreneurial experience has been very satisfying. During these years, under K|P|K brand (web is in Spanish) I have been developing business plans, lecturing at two public Universities and training at other venues, creating specialised contents (mainly from an economics & business point of view), and [happily] researching. In the meantime, I always stretched my time to create some pet projects that sadly never jumped from the prototype stage, such as DopplERP, spheRate, some projects that never found an sponsor to support them, and maybe others I totally forgot about it and I’ll re-encounter in the following five years.

Now, Spain is in a very difficult position so I’m looking for new opportunities, a change in my strategy. On the one hand I’m betting for UK (I know, they are messed up, too… but not that bad IMHO), on the other I’m trusting in two areas I consider I can succeed: operational research and recruitment. As per operational research, let me explain that area in another post, while I’ll be focusing now on the recruitment subject.

Why should I enter a market that seems saturated?, you could be thinking. Well, I’m not crazy, but I think it’s not actually that crowded. Even further, there’s a whole brand new World in the landscape that is mixing technology (and operational research) with talent management, and I hope we’ll be able to add up to the state of the art. spheRate is being launched; we’re humble, but that is not against us thinking we’ll get our niche in the ‘saturated’ UK recruitment market.

Any advise?