My programming life

I was 12 years old when I decided to quit my musical studies and start BASIC language programming. However, it was only a six month course and I didn’t carry on with the following levels because my parents didn’t want to support it. It wasn’t until 3 years later that I got hold of my first computer, a second hand 8086 with a 20MB hard-drive; I enjoyed GW-BASIC at the time. In 2 years I was able to upgrade my system to a second hand 80386 and I swapped to QBASIC, a redux version of Quick Basic. This stage of my programming life was fun, but my programming skills were kinda basic and I never was a whiz-kid though :/

At high school I was introduced to databases and I played around with DBASE III. As per MS Office, I started with Word and Excel during these years, although what I liked most was the macros language, although it was quite orkut having to program ‘by the cell’. Hopefully, in 1998, while at University, I upgraded to VBA and I programmed my first operational piece of code: an invoicing and inventory system, using the Excel dictator-type system. The VBA skills I gained were very benefitial for my professional life.

Once at my first full-time permanent job, I used VBA to automate some tasks, mainly geared towards data cleansing, reporting and analysis. Later on, I decided to learn Visual Basic in order to be capable to create my own interfaces and processes the corporate ERP was not able to handle; of course, I had to learn how to work with the database as well: it was MS SQL.

Around 2005 I set up my first personal website, so I had to learn HTML. Later on I was reading PHP and Javascript, although I don’t write, I’m just being able of reading the code and interpreting what it does; then, I copy & paste accordingly. The same applies to my knowledge of R-cran, which I started to use for statistical projects from year 2010.

Nowadays, I have been able to create my first Android app, a very simple calculator. It’s not I’m overly proud of it, since at the end of the day I’m not a programmer any more, but a simple puzzler. 🙂