Thanks for the feedback

Every organisation should have its strategy well conceived and formalised in a written form. Usually, a top down methodology is suggested such as your values and culture together with the ultimate goal, the Vision, define the Mision of the organisation. From there, the internal and external analysis will allow the company to determine its SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats), providing valuable information towards the achievement of the organisation’s targets.

As the digital strategy of an organisations should be aligned to the corporate strategy and incorporated within the marketing strategy. So then, it is also recommended to have a social media strategic plan, not just a set of ideas or actions that senior executives have in mind and no one else in the company knows.


Further, the strategic plan shouldn’t be a static and closed-form that one must defend to death and follow it through to the ultimate consequences. Maybe the environment has changed, maybe we were wrong when we devised the analysis and produced the strategy… That’s when feedback gets into action, transforming a monolithic strategic process in a dynamic and self-healing one.

With this in mind, Cosmos (I mentioned this tool in a previous post) has been developed so it acts as your digital strategic wizard, assisting with the internet and social media environment monitoring and assessing the gaps (are there any differences between what you want to be and what you are being seen as?, is your communication strategy in social media in line with your corporate strategy and which are the results in the various social networking sites?, which social media campaigns have been the most accurate in achieving our strategic goals?…).

Even better, another of the features of Cosmos is it can semi-automatise the feedback process by providing you with information that you might have misunderstood, missed, or that is just too new for you or your team to have come with. So then, in the hands of the strategic development team, Cosmos adds up to its ability to act as a strategic wizard the possibility to spot new valuable information in form of: influencers and critics, competitors, or new brand attributes.

Cosmos, thanks for the feedback!