Social Media monitoring for recruiters

Along these years I have been both sides of the labour market frontline, both supply and demand, looking for jobs and offering them. Further, being a researcher and an economist I have always being interested in gaining more knowledge on how this market worked, which were the procedures and policies that companies, agencies and headhunters followed, and how was the way job-seekers looked for jobs, acted behind the lines to create and craft their resumés, and performed during the interviews. Inter alia.

Being mad about social media you should think what the reality is for me: recruitment mixes with recruitment as well. That’s right! I consider that as part of your digital life, social media interactions can be of great value to you… do you think so? Well, that’s a real truth, although the very best value can be obtained by recruiters: yeah!!!

There is a wealth of information on the internet that can help the recruitment industry to leverage social knowledge:

  1. Passive candidate searching; nowadays, your recruitment agency or internal HR department is receiving loads of resumés, even as spontaneous candidacies. Did you know that your best candidate might actually be unknowledgeable of your company or open job positions? As part of your talent acquisition policies you should embed the usage of social networks monitoring in your procedures in order to spot the influencers in your recruitment areas.
  2. Candidate profiling; your candidates will have sent you their resumé, but is on it the actual truth? Besides, you can apply a psychometric test or other techniques in order to get the most of what’s inside your candidate’s mind. What if social media could tell you more about him/her? I think that’s possible.
  3. Industry monitoring; this, actually, is the usual suspect application for Cosmos: consider within your strategy looking at the trends of the recruitment sector, your clients’ sectors, main players in the arena, etc. With Cosmos you can even set up alerts!
  4. Job board aggregator.

And maybe I’m missing some more. Would you like me to come and present you a demo? Let me know through this form.