Researching again!

These last weeks I just realised my research hunger was coming back so as I inaugurated my new office (I’m a permanent lecturer now), I decided to kick-off my research activities and start the gathering of new ideas. Don’t get rusty Francisco!

I don’t like my workstation, though. It’s one of those thin-clients which connect remotely to a server (funny to say I was an advocate years ago when I was thinking of entering the market as a supplier); further, I don’t have admin rights, which drives me mad after years of being used to have them.

However, as I managed to install R I found out that just dropping the binaries in My Docs works lovely (well, works!). Sooooo… R-Studio, Tetrad, Onyx, and SQLite followed through 😉

Note: RTFM next time!

As per the topics I’m still to resume my PhD after the summer (this is not wishful thinking, although I’m aware summer is gone). Then, I’m trying to build the database for assessing our students relationship between attendance and performance (a classic in economics of education!).

Finally, I remembered someone I know who works in the property market asked me about the weird price evolution for London property, so I’m giving it a chance. Hein! New area/topic and I guess techniques to explore.

Any ideas? (be aware I’m into quantitative research rather than qualitative research, but I’m open to any research project that can bring me the thrill of looking into the beast eyes)