About this Blog!

This is the dark side of an operational researcher: ‘FM Waves’. In this blog we discuss OR-related themes with a little bit of salt & pepper, mixed with irony and sarcasm.

This project was born around February 2005 in order to fulfill my target of explaining what the heck was that about “Operations Research” and why I was always saying it was so important in life (and in my life). However, as I understand I am not the best to describe it please feel free to follow the links in the ‘Wave Links’ and ‘WaveRoll’ (below) for further assistance.

The most important move this blog had was the domain and technological platform change. Currently we’re based at my own domain (kproductivity.com) and we make use of WordPress software. This breaking point was the perfect excuse for me to start writting more and more (well, not that ‘more’); however, that doesn’t mean I’ve been read more and more. The important thing is it gets me busy around the topics I most like: ‘operational research’, ‘economics’, and ‘technology’.