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Social Media monitoring for recruiters

Along these years I have been both sides of the labour market frontline, both supply and demand, looking for jobs and offering them. Further, being a researcher and an economist I have always being interested in gaining more knowledge on how this market worked, which were the procedures and policies…

The internet perspective

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Twenty years ago, Kaplan & Norton designed the Balanced Scorecard (BSc) as a performance management tool. This framework considered the strategy of a company was made up of four different perspectives, which were interlinked: financial, customer, internal, and learning and growth. I have to admit that when I was researching…

Thanks for the feedback

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Every organisation should have its strategy well conceived and formalised in a written form. Usually, a top down methodology is suggested such as your values and culture together with the ultimate goal, the Vision, define the Mision of the organisation. From there, the internal and external analysis will allow the…