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Ever Growing Cloud

On September 12, 2008, Posted by , In internet,maths,software, With No Comments

Voilà!, new company developes new technology that improves cloud storage; that’s Wuala. I knew from The Economist.   These guys have been more than three years constructing their architecture which consists of… your spare bandwith and disk space. By means of brand new technology based on mathematical polinomial analysis, your…


On March 28, 2008, Posted by , In internet, With No Comments

I always understood “utility” as a product/service you don’t realise you’re consuming until you’re cut off. Internet access!!!

Money from Community! (II)

On March 2, 2008, Posted by , In internet, With No Comments

Probably answer given here, thanks to E.Dans’ blog.   Some business models are explained: "Freemium", Advertising, Cross-subsidies, Zero marginal cost, Labor exchange, Gift economy. But the question raised in my previous post still remains: will we be able to monetarise it?.