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Scaling down OR is an opportunity

On October 31, 2012, Posted by , In business,operations research,software, With 3 Comments

A lot of researchers and practitioners make good use of Operational Research (OR) in order to optimise, solve problems and real life issues, and help make better decisions. However, I have been concerned about the scale of the projects that are being publicised; maybe it is that only the big…

My programming life

On August 6, 2012, Posted by , In software, With 3 Comments

I was 12 years old when I decided to quit my musical studies and start BASIC language programming. However, it was only a six month course and I didn’t carry on with the following levels because my parents didn’t want to support it. It wasn’t until 3 years later that…

Instant Forecast

On August 17, 2011, Posted by , In finances,Google,internet,statistics, With No Comments

Now that Google has made us used to everything 'instant' (I don't even like instant coffee) we know anyone with a SOA algorithm and piece of hardware/software should be able to instantly predict. And I thought that 'nowcasting' was too shorter term! Not to mention that one shouldn't be confusing…