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Holy Linux

On August 12, 2008, Posted by , In open source, With No Comments

Through "La Pastilla Roja" (The Red Pill) I reach Fernando Acero’s Live Journal, I find quite interesting the stance of this guy and keep reading his blog, until I find this (Fernando’s original in Spanish):           "We don’t know what OS God uses, but we use…


On June 15, 2008, Posted by , In open source,software, With 1 Comment

Is the middle future Windows version a Linux distribution?. Will we see how all MS software works natively in their own Linux distro?. There’s plenty of possibilities to make money there for Redmond’s company… ¬†You know quite a few companies are basing their business releasing enterprise distros of their free-gratis…

Even easier: Geek boredom.

On July 24, 2006, Posted by , In open source, With No Comments

Step by step and thanks to the Debian team installing a powerful open-source CRM is easier than ever. For those of you that remember my previous “geek” series posts, forget them!. Now it is even easier to install the Debian OS, to install the database, to install the webserver, the…