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House & OR

On October 28, 2007, Posted by , In movies,operations research, With No Comments

Some of us have been commenting on our posts about Numb3rs getting excited because of the nature of the series, a mathematician that uses their knowledge to solve criminal cases. Well, we’ll be advocating now for another TV series OR-er that has been neglected over the last years: Dr House…

Netflix Prize: Machine Learning vs Microeconomics

While I’m trying to juggle around with the data set offered by Netflix for the quest of improving their Cinematch algorithm I’m in my own quest for getting the theory behind the real model, the structure that resides behind those 2GB of user and movie ids, dates and so on….

Netflix Prize for Dummies [A+]

On August 7, 2007, Posted by , In Netflix,software, With Comments Off on Netflix Prize for Dummies [A+]

If you’re an A+ dummy (aka almost-not-a-dummy) you can try with this software (Varozhka), created by Eugene Rymski, to play around with the Netflix Prize dataset. Brilliant!