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Instant Forecast

On August 17, 2011, Posted by , In finances,Google,internet,statistics, With No Comments

Now that Google has made us used to everything 'instant' (I don't even like instant coffee) we know anyone with a SOA algorithm and piece of hardware/software should be able to instantly predict. And I thought that 'nowcasting' was too shorter term! Not to mention that one shouldn't be confusing…

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“Financial Outbreak”

On August 31, 2007, Posted by , In finances, With No Comments

This week I read my copy of “The Economist” August 18th-24th, and I found some articles about the most recent financial turnmoil which I’d like to comment, since there’s some info related to something I wrote here and here. The Game is up (pp.63-64) “Quantitative funds have been hardest hit…