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Netflix Prize: Machine Learning vs Microeconomics

While I’m trying to juggle around with the data set offered by Netflix for the quest of improving their Cinematch algorithm I’m in my own quest for getting the theory behind the real model, the structure that resides behind those

Hit Predictor

Yesterday I was talking to my friend and colleague Pau Rausell-Köster, from the Research Unit in Cultural Economics (Universitat de València), about the Netflix Prize. We were discussing about the foundations of taste and preferences, and how it was quite

Why don’t we do what we Want?

“Why don’t…” is the first article I co-authored with Pau Rausell back in 1999 for the FOKUS/ACEI Joint Symposium in Viena (2000). It was an original idea from Pau regarding consumers’ preferences and why they were biased. I explain, why